Dave Burdick

journalist, communicator, writer, developer

Dave Burdick wearing a backpack in Valparaiso, Chile.
Hello! I'm a human male living in Denver, and spending a fair amount of time in New York. I spend a lot of time learning, which is probably my chief hobby. Others include reading, writing, casual hiking, board games and watching soccer. During traditional business hours, you can find me at the Denver Post, where I am described as the deputy features editor and entertainment editor.


A pen and a notepad.
Personal finance, entertainment, environment, urban living blogging, a bit of fiction.


A screengrab of Dave Burdick talking to the camera in a video studio.
I started as a comedian, I've voiced a lobster and a soda bottle and I can host whatever.


Dave Burdick plays with a brown dog in the snow.
I've lived in five states and three time zones. That's our dog, Nos. We don't know what he is.

Web Development

A screengrab of some code in a text editor.
Varying expertise in HTML, CSS and JS via Codecademy, Udacity and self-directed learning.


Books stacked up high.
It turns out I like intimate, character-driven plots.
And space operas. Here are my book reviews.