Dave Burdick


Dave Burdick on top of Mt. Elbert in Colorado.

Hello! Thought we'd do a quick Q & A.

Q: Which mountain are you on in this picture?

A: That's Mt. Elbert.

Q: Red or green?

A: Both, if there's no pork.

Q: Anything else we should know?

A: I am married to a really cool journalist and we have two great kids.


I've worked for traditional news organizations, media startups, a Buddhist-inspired university, I was a stand-up comedian, I interned at a radio station and I had a high-school job in a big-box retail store.

I've worked for women and men, and I've managed women and men ranging from about 8 years younger than me to about 30 years older than me.

I like solving problems collaboratively and helping colleagues achieve personal goals. And cracking wise.

Where I've been

I've lived in five states, covering three time zones — and now I've only got a few states left to visit.


The easiest ways to contact me would be via Twitter and LinkedIn.


I've won awards for journalism and for Twitter and it feels ridiculous to have even typed that much about it.