Twitter in Boulder

It’s been more than two years since I left Boulder for New York, but I’m coming back. I’m really excited to return to a city that is statistically the best (see chart). Now I need your help to reconnect!

U.S. 36, between Louisville and Boulder, Colorado

Obviously the most important thing that happened, overall, in the last two years has been the explosion of Twitter. With that in mind, here are Twitter feeds that help me feel as though I know what’s going on in town:

  1. @dailycamera – A reliable source of news and slideshows with naked bike riders.
  2. @coloradodaily – News from a paper that increasingly reminds me of a place I used to work. Remember dirt?
  3. @gwenbell – Always a good personal look at what’s going on around her, in social media, and she’s also a fun person to drag up to Oskar Blues.
  4. @waylonlewis – Appeared on my radar when I worked, briefly, at Naropa University. Also, he made this list of Boulder people to follow on Twitter.
  5. @teeandcakes – One half of this entrepreneurial duo is a dirt alum and the place itself is a great spot for snacks and cool design. Who wouldn’t be impressed by a football helmet cake?
  6. @downtownboulder – Bikes, businesses and obsessing over parking spaces — it’s like I never left!
  7. @programcouncil – When I lived in Boulder before, it was important to keep up with the rock shows they put on — some great stuff came through town, including the Roots! And they just got some pretty positive reactions from Daily Camera readers in the comments on this noise test story. (Disclosure: They also hired me to put on several shows in my previous career as a comedian.)

Now I need your help: who else should I be following? I have a bunch of the municipal Boulder Twitter accounts already, but I want to know the best individuals and entertainment venues in the whole county. I want to find people who know where the best places to hang out are, who put on the coolest and weirdest shows, who have the most impressive vegetable gardens, who know all of the local bands or hit every bluegrass pick.

Tell me who’s out there and say hello at @daveburdick.


#1 Eric Kottke on 06.19.09 at 6:26 pm

Per Waylon’s request, I nominate my company’s tweets as good tweets in Boulder- if you care about green building, the local housing market, etc. @ColoradoBuild. My wife also works for a great Boulder company, The Fresh Ideas Group (a PR firm for natural and organic food and lifestlye co’s). @FreshIdeasGroup

#2 Woodenhääzernsnake on 06.20.09 at 12:14 pm

Birdie Windsor, This excites me. And Twitter still confuses me but I do that jam. Hit us up when you get some time.

#3 sunflouer on 06.20.09 at 2:15 pm

I am so happy to have found you, I too am a former Boulderite and miss it badly. Now I feel a little closer to home. Good luck upon your return. Stuck on the western slope in wine country.

#4 Gwen Bell on 06.24.09 at 12:36 am

Hoo yeah! Let’s get up to Oskar Blues sometime this summer. Boulder hasn’t been the same since you left, Dave. Follow @ryanoelke @vincenthorn @caseycapshaw @chelsea_brady @stuartdavis @nomali @jason_lange @cauloccoli if you don’t already. There are more, I’m sure. It’s late & that’s all I got at the mo.

See you soon. Let’s party.
xo, @gwenbell

#5 Jennifer Falor on 06.25.09 at 11:35 am

Can’t wait to have you back! You are going to rock Friday Mag. Wish I was still in the newsroom so we could do Chipotle lunches!